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In April 1863 Sir Samuel and Lady Florence travelled the route from Ellyria to Tarrangolle. Although Sir Samuel does not mention Torit specifically, it is clear he camped near here as he led his mutinous party on towards Tarrangolle. Sir Samuel understood that he might be attacked by his own men and the ringleader Bellal led the mutiny. "Not a man shall go with you! We won't follow you, nor move a step farther. The men shall not load the camels" I looked at this mutinous rascal for a moment; this was the burst of the conspiracy, and the threats that I had been forced to pass over for the sake of the expedition all rushed before me. "Lay down your gun!" I thundered, "and load the camels!" . . . . . . "I won't"—was his reply. "Then stop here!" I answered; at the same time lashing out as quick as lightning with my right hand upon his jaw. He rolled over in a heap, his gun flying some yards from his hand; and the late ringleader lay apparently insensible among the luggage. The mutiny was over!

“The country was now lovely; we were at the base of the mountain "Lafeet," which rose abruptly on our left to the height of about 3,000 feet, the highest peak of the eastern chain that formed the broad valley of Latooka. Our path being at the foot of the Lafeet chain, the ground was sandy but firm, being composed of disintegrated portions of the granite rocks that had washed down from the mountains, and we rode quickly along a natural road, equal to the best highway in England. We soon overtook Ibrahim and his party, and recounted the affair of mutiny.

Suddenly one of the porters threw down his load and bolted over the open ground towards the village at full speed. "Shoot him! shoot him! knock him over!" was shouted from the main body; and twenty guns were immediately pointed at the fugitive. To save the man I gave chase on my horse Filfil, putting myself in the line between him and the guns, to prevent them from firing. He at once clutched with both hands the horse's mane, and pushed himself almost under my knee in his efforts to keep close to me for protection.“ The porter was saved and joined the other porters as though nothing had occurred !

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